Shipping tips

One great tip to help save money is when you order your fabric online, you can have it shipped straight to us. This will save you in having to reship it to us. Another thing to remember when shipping is to ship it on the role. This will help keep out wrinkles. A lot of fabrics can crease when folded and can can be damaged when ironed.


Over the past years with the rising fuel cost, shipping charges have increased. Even so, you will still save money compared to other online sites. Most of our cornices will ship FedEx Ground without any up charges. All cornices that are 76” or less wide and 18” or less tall will ship to the east coast for around $40.00 to $55.00 and to the west coast for around $65.00 to $80.00 depending on the final size. We can also package more than one cornice per box; this keeps shipping costs down. Cornices that measure less than 106” will also ship FedEx Ground for an additional charge. This makes shipping to the east coast around $120.00 and to the west coast around $145.00. Any cornice over 106” can be hinged and made to fit in a smaller box. If you do not want your cornice hinged, it will have to be shipped by a common freight carrier. If you wish to know the exact shipping cost, please send us an email, answer a few questions, and we can give you a quote within minutes. We can also quote shipping for lambrequins and headboards upon request.

The Cornice Factory will not be held responsible for any damages that occur during shipping. Insurance is completely optional and additional charges will apply.