All prices below are the starting prices. Any extras or additions that you wish to add may increase the final price. Most headboards can be made with detachable legs to reduce shipping costs.

  • Twin: $400.00
    With a Border: $450.00
  • Full: $450.00
    With a Border: $500.00
  • Queen: $500.00
    With a Border: $575.00
  • King: $550.00
    With a Border: $650.00


Headboard Styles

The Cornice Factory has always sold headboards, but the cost in shipping can sometimes change a customers mind.  We would like to remind you that even with wholesale prices you will still save money in the long run when combined with the higher price of shipping.  Also as us about delivery and installation.  We are often all over the east coast and if we happen to be in your area, this could save you a little money.

Gallery of Headboards