The most common question we receive is, "Where are your fabric choices".  Here at The Cornice Factory we do not sell fabric.  We require each customer to supply us with their own fabric.  In doing business this way, you will know exactly what yo expect when your order arrives.  We think that the customer should not be limited to a small selection when there is so much to choose from.  Plus, you could have a fabric that is already in use in your home .

Getting Started

When you decide that you want The Cornice Factory to start production on your new cornice, headboard or throw pillows; this is how the process will go...

Choose your style.
  • Choose the style for your cornice, headboard or throw pillows. You can choose from one of the styles listed on our web site or you can contact us with your ideas. Send us a drawing, picture, or just describe what you have in mind and we will do our best to accommodate all of your desire.

Make accurate measurements.
  • Needless to say, this is extremely important. Be sure that the width, depth, height, etc. are measured exactly. If you are having difficulties getting your measurements, contact us and we will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure that your order fits perfectly into your home or business.

Send us all of the information that you have collected about your order.
  • This includes styles, measurements, etc. We will be in contact with you to discuss how many yards of fabric that you will need and what embellishments (extras) that you wish to add to your order. You may choose from embellishments that we have in stock (or that we can order) or you may supply your own.

  • Embellishments are all of the extras that you can add to improve the look of your cornice, lambrequin, or headboard. At The Cornice Factory we can add just about anything that you wish for an additional fee. These are a few things that are popular; tassel and bullion fringe, decorative cording, decorative nails, buttons, jumbo welt cord, bands, and boarders. Don’t hesitate to ask what we can do to spice up any of our products.

Send us anything that we need to complete your order.
  • This will include any items that are needed for manufacturing such as fabric, decorative nails, cording, tassels, etc. At this point we will also require a deposit to begin work on your custom order.

Wait for your custom order to arrive.
  • Your order will usually be completed in 5 to 10 business days depending on our workload, order complexity, and availability of raw materials. If time is of the essence for your order then please let us know and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

Here's how to Get Started