Cornice Styles

Here at The Cornice Factory we offer a wide variety of cornices. Remember that all of our cornices are custom made. If you do not see a style that you like, we can make anything that you wish. Just give us a drawing, picture, or even a template of an existing cornice that you already have. We will do our best to accommodate.  

Gallery of Cornices


Gallery of Hinged Cornices

Lambrequin Styles

Crowned Topped and
Arched Cornices

Cornice prices start at $24.00 a foot with a minimum charge of $96.00 per cornice. We round up all measurements to the next foot. To help you determine the size for pricing your cornice you will add the face width + the return size (i.e. depth) twice. For example if you have a cornice that measures 72” on the face width and the returns are 5” (i.e. 5" deep) then you would add 72” + 5” + 5” = 82" rounding up to 7 feet (84”). That makes the cost of this example cornice $168.00 (7 feet x $24.00). Lambrequins, Crowned and Arched Topped Cornices by quote.