Our History

At The Cornice Factory, our mission is to provide the consumer with a top quality product at the most affordable price. It is our promise to make you, the customer proud to say that I bought my cornice and/or headboard from The Cornice Factory. As you may already know, most of our work comes from customer referrals, so your satisfaction is our top priority.

a little About Us

~~I am a third generation upholsterer and it was my grandfather who first got started in the business back in 1940. He learned a great skill back then and passed what he learned on to my father. In 1960 my father at the young age of 16 was making $75.00 a week. I know it does not sound like much now, but back then that was a lot. My father and I alike have never really done anything else. Well times have changed and now there are many people out there that call themselves upholsterers, but being a craftsman is not something that you can learn, its in your blood. My grandfather moved to central North Carolina in 1952 and the business has been going strong every since. I can say now with out a doubt, that my father and I are the best in the business today.

Our Mission

The Cornice Factory, home of the finest upholstered cornice boards made. For years now we have been selling window cornices and upholstered headboards to designers, decorators, and drapery workrooms all over the United States at wholesale prices, and now I am very excited to announce that we are selling directly to the consumer as well. By doing this we are able to pass a great deal of savings directly to you. If you already have your own ideas and fabric, this is the perfect opportunity for you to save as much as 75% off retail prices. At some of the larger drapery workrooms across the country, they sell only to wholesalers and you have to have an account set up before you can even see a price list. Here at The Cornice Factory we are going to keep things as simple as possible; sell to everyone at the same price. It is going to be a lot easier this way and it will save a lot of time keeping up with the paperwork.

What should you expect when you order a upholstered cornice from The Cornice Factory? That's easy, expect only the best. We start by handcrafting each cornice out of the finest materials available. When the cornice is complete it has to pass our inspection before it can be boxed and shipped. When it arrives to you just follow the simple instructions on installation. You will even find all the necessary hardware included so that you can install it right a way.

We take great pride in our work and will gladly show you the things that other drapery workrooms will not. For instance, at other websites look close at the pictures. You will see that it is not hard to see the small imperfections that are right in front of you. Notice that they will not show you several pictures of the same cornice and that the only view that you get is the front. Here at The Cornice Factory we show all front, back, sides, and top. We think of cornices like they are a fine piece of furniture. Most people that make cornice boards are drapery makers and they do a sufficient job; however, at The Cornice Factory cornices are our specialty.